Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A cowboy baby (& his dog)

Our little cowpoke just turned 11 months old! He's very close to walking, and always seems to be just an inch away from hurting himself. His favorite thing (besides being outside) is climbing... he climbs the guinea pig cage, the barstools, the stairs and whatever else he can find! We are busier than ever trying to keep up with him, but he's so much fun!

Ready for the Rodeo!

Magnus took his first horsie ride today in his little saddle. Joe was nearby to catch him if he started to slide off, but Magnus had no intention of leaving Jake's back before his ride was finished! He would bounce up and down after Jake would stop walking and try to get him to giddy-up again. What a fun time he had! It was too cute!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

My first painting

For Christmas, Joe surprised me and bought me a bunch of art supplies so I could learn to paint! I had told him a little while back that I'd always wanted to be an artist (ever since I was like 3... or as far back as I can remember!), and I guess he wanted to help me fulfill that lifelong dream. As a child, I used to picture myself in a little beret, sitting at my easel holding a pallet full of paints... and wearing a white smock. I thought every painter probably wore a white smock and a little black beret. I haven't taken any art lessons yet (or bought any "proper" artist clothing - don't you have to go to Paris for those?), but I want to maybe get some DVD's to give me some instruction so I can at least LOOK like I know what I'm doing. =) I just couldn't wait to get started though, so I copied a picture of my horse Jake and used acrylics to make my first little 5x7 painting. It's certainly not perfect, but I was actually very relieved to find that I could at least tell that it was Jake! I have always loved drawing animals, but never had any interest in people-subjects. If you're curious to see which photograph I copied, check out my August post entitled "Meet Jake...".

A happy new home

Our beloved dog has a new home and a new name! Gunther (now Henry) was a wonderful dog that we had 5 fun-filled years with, but he wasn't the kind of dog that we could trust around Magnus - especially now that Magnus is nearly walking. God answered our prayers and found the perfect family for him. Henry has been with them for over a week now and is settling in nicely. Philip & Katharine (pictured) don't have any children, so Henry & Winston (their other dog) are their "kids". The dogs sleep beside their bed and live with them in their home like doggy kings. We miss our Gunny terribly, but it's the perfect happy ending for everybody and we are so thankful that God sent them to us and to "Henry". His new family already loves him dearly, so that makes me feel better when I get to missing him a lot. We got Gunther in Cincinnati as a puppy and he rode all the way home in my lap (we were in the Miata!). He bonded very strongly to me, and was literally like my shadow. He'd be in a dead sleep (I thought!) until I'd leave the room and he'd jump up and run after me, just to flop down at my feet again. He was my constant companion, and even when he was outside he would always check in the window to see where I was at. When I worked full time, he knew exactly when I should be arriving home and would wait in the yard watching for my return, and then he and Jack would do the happy Mastiff dance. He was our farm comedian and would "wave" at you when you walked up. It was so sad to see him go, but we couldn't be happier when we think of how much he is loved and spoiled, and his new family sends us lots of updates and pictures. And you can see how happy he looks already!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Partying with the guys

Magnus attended his first party yesterday afternoon. It was for Branden & Jace who turn 1 just a few days apart. Their mommies (Yawen and Alissa) were my co-workers at KPMG, so it was a great time for everybody! Magnus thought Branden's play area was super fun, and loved playing with the other little boys. Jace (the blonde haired boy looking up) can walk now, but Branden and Magnus still hold onto someone's hand. Branden's parents are Chinese, so we got to eat some awesome authentic Chinese food! I couldn't stop eating those wontons!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Magnus enjoyed some wonderful 70 degree weather today with his gentle buddy Jack. Jack loves to cuddle, and is a would-be lap dog. It's just so difficult to get 180 lbs of dog on your lap! Jack is the world's best and sweetest canine! (Ask anyone who's met him! I know they'll agree.) We adopted him at 1 1/2 years old, and now he's 6. He LIVES to please, and is so tender hearted and obedient. He's forever spoiled me as a dog owner. We love our Jack!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kids say the funniest things!

To protect the privacy of those invovled, the names in this true story have been omitted.... We recently had company at our house, and the little 4 year old boy (along with his older sis and his mom) were in the nursery with me as I changed Magnus' diaper and clothes. As I was changing Mag's diaper, the little boy looked at his mom and said, "Is Magnus a boy?" His mom said, "Yes, he's a boy. How can you tell?" (I'm thinking to myself as I continue dressing Magnus, Oh this ought to be good!) And the little boy piped up and confidently said, "Oh, I knew he was a boy because he has pants on!"

The Jailbird

This is the picture of Magnus' first time to stand up in his crib. I had put him down for a nap the other day, and when his usual screaming session turned to pleasant cooing I decided I'd better see what was up. He was happily playing under his mobile after pulling himself up and walking around the edge to get to that fun dangling music player. Yes, he finally tugged on the poor mobile until it broke, but it still plays "You are my sunshine" so it wasn't a total loss. Now he loves to stand up in his crib whenever he can, and he always makes sure he chews on the side of it so his teeth don't grow too long.