Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve and we're Clueless. =(

Magnus showing Clue her little "house".

The sweetest puppy ever!

We aren't having much luck with dogs these days. Monday we went to look at some Rat Terrier puppies and couldn't resist this sweet little gal we promptly named "Clue". Magnus adored her... spent hours with her, and she loved him right back... then she got sick yesterday and I started to worry. Joe and Magnus took her to the vet this morning and we were floored and devastated to find out that she has Parvo. The breeder took her back, but it was so hard since we already loved her so much. She was such a darling, and we never heard her bark even once.. just a little whine every now and then if she was missing us. (We chose the Rat Terrier breed since they are generally friendly and non-yapping!) I miss her already, and hope Magnus doesn't take it too hard. Thankfully he's still young and bounces back quickly, but boy is this really putting a strain on our Christmas cheer! It reminds me, though, that it's not about us, but a baby named Jesus that came to give us Life. We know we can always rejoice in Him!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goodbye hurts!

Last night we lost one of our best friends, and the world's finest dog. Jack went to doggy "heaven" at the age of 8 and Joe and I are devastated. We dearly loved that dog! Joe noticed a large bump on the top of Jack's head Monday night that wasn't there earlier in the day and we have no idea what happened. Jack moped around all day Monday acting very unlike himself, and died basically 24 hours after we noticed the knot on his head. We will miss his sweet, gentle spirit, his wagging tail, and the way he always danced around the yard with us, flipping those gigantic feet as he went. Thankfully Magnus is not to the age where he mourns the loss as Joe and I have - I think he understands that he's not coming back, but he's very matter of fact about it. This morning he told me, "Maybe some food will make you feel better, Mommy." and later he said, "Jack died. Lets go tell him we're sorry." I could fill this little blog page with so many wonderful things to say about dear Jack... but it's really just enough to honestly say that he was the best. Now I just sit and cry, wondering... what in the world am I going to do without him??? =(

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dear Santa...

Henrik fills up Santa's lap at only 4 1/2 months old!

Magnus, though shy, seemed to really enjoy sitting with Santa.

These "elves" were just too much fun, and this picture of them with my fellas really cracks me up! Joe and Magnus had a blast trying out all the toys on display at Bass Pro Shops' winter wonderland. Such a fun place to take the family at Christmastime!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bumbo Cowboy

My sweet little cowboy Henrik is 4 months old, and at his check-up he was in the 97th percentile just like Magnus was at his age. He weighed 19.1 lbs, which was a pound more than Magnus did, but was around the same height... around 27-28" long. I'm not sure how this happens... guess we just grow them big around here! =)

One sick little mommy!

Here I am after my kidney stone surgery... still a bit under the influence of anesthesia I'd say! What an awful 2 weeks I had in November, full of pain and Percocet (drowsiness!). I'm so glad to have it over-with and to be feeling great again! I don't know how I would've made it through without my sweet hubby and my good friend Tamela.