Monday, June 22, 2009

Fun Firsts

First canoe ride! We had so much fun, and Magnus enjoyed trying to paddle "all by himself".

This tree frog jumped on our canoe and stayed with us (in spite of our efforts to ditch him!) until we got home - he even rode in the canoe on top of the car! I thought he was cool until he jumped on my arm with those sticky pads of his. Joe thought it was funny to actually hear me squeal like a girl! Magnus thought the best part was when the frog pooed on the canoe, and he still talks about that, as if it were the highlight of his trip!

Magnus entertained himself by trailing his hand in the water as Daddy paddled us around.

First painting (acrylics)! I gave him a couple of my paint colors to experiment with, and when he got the hang of it, he started asking for specific colors to add to it! ("Please, red!", "I need the blue!" or "Need more white!") He was very careful to stay on the paper (as I told him to be!) and I think it turned out to be one of the most beautiful paintings ever!

He accidentally touched his brush to his face... =) Here he is still deep in concentration.

First kite! Joe introduced Magnus to another great flying phenomenon.

Magnus was so proud of his kite!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Surprise!! It's a shower for... me??

Tamela's decorations were the cutest ever!! (Note the fruit bouquet in the cowboy hat!)

So yummy! Tamela made all the food, and chocolates too. =)

Nasia, Laura and Katie Hinton. Thanks, Katie, for taking all the pics!

Angie, Tamela, Lisa (left) and Krissy and Hannah Hinton (middle).

I'm blessed with friends with good taste, and received the cutest gifts!

Seemed like an ordinary girl's "hang-out" night invitation to me, when Tamela invited me to come keep her company one Friday evening while Melvin was at a meeting somewhere. Then I was under the impression that plans had changed and the guys' quartet from church would be meeting Joe at our house to practice, and I thought, "Oh good, I'll go hang out with Tamela while the fellas "rock" my house with melody and very loud soundtracks!" Joe offered to keep Magnus and I was all for that too! He and Tamela were so smooth about the whole thing. No details, no set time to be at her house, nothing! Joe asked, "So what time were you going to go to Tamela's? and I said, "Oh, I don't know - I'll text her and see..." Tamela's reply: "How about in 1/2 hour?" So I dawdled around, never checked the clock (Joe suggested the sooner I get going, the sooner I could get back - lol!) and left - pulled into Tamela's drive and noticed a couple cars from church and thought, "Oh no! The guys' quartet must be meeting HERE! And we thought they were supposed to meet at our house! I better call Joe and tell him to get over here, but first I'll run in and explain to Tamela why I didn't bring the boys." I got in the house, quickly started explaining to Tamela and then realized that in the other room, I saw girls, not guys... and balloons! And decorations... What was going on?? Then... "Surprise!!" The girls from church had driven near and far to throw me a wonderful baby shower and I had no idea! Some drove 1 1/2 hrs just to be there. We had so much fun, and I went away feeling all special and like somebody important. =) I guess I thought since I already had one boy (and kept all his things) that a baby shower for the 2nd little tyke would be a non-essential, but thankfully, my girlfriends disagreed!