Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Too Many Great Pics of Labor Day...

Magnus' first time shooting the .22 rifle. It looks like he's praying he'll hit the target!

The guys shot clay pigeons and did some target practice.

Rick and Joe took the canoe down to the swamp to check out the beaver dams.

Rick helped Joe get the hay in the trailer, and the kids LOVED jumping in it!

My little farm-boy. =)

Christopher riding our gentlest & sweetest horse!

The sandbox saw a lot of action.

Julia (Pocahontas? =) ) kept the barn swept clean.

Magnus always lies down to play in the dirt. This is why I buy stain remover.

Jennifer is pregnant with their 3rd - due in March I think.

The kids all got "pony rides".

Christopher and Julia loved Oliver, and he loved them!

Joe and Rick even got some yeehaw time in.
Our Labor Day was full of fun since our good friends Rick and Jennifer, along with their beautiful munchkins Christopher and Julia, came to spend it with us! They might as well be family, especially since they're "hillbillies" from West Virginia like I am! =) And the kids even fought like siblings, which didn't dampen my spirits in the least. Jennifer has been pretty wiped out with her pregnancy (first trimester woes) so we hung around the house and chatted a lot. Henrik enjoyed being held so much! And of course, it wouldn't be a proper holiday with the Alexanders if we didn't grill shrimp at least once! =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Master Bath - Before and After

The project... and the helpers. =)

The bath "before" - vinyl curtains & white trim.

The door - inside.

So pretty!

Now if I just had some copper sinks....

My amazing shower door, and the towel hook Joe brought me from TX! =)

We also got glass cut for the window, & painted the trim brown. I love my bathroom!