Monday, August 25, 2008

Father and Son

After I looked at these pictures of Joe and Magnus for a while, I started thinking about their wonderful Father/Son relationship, and how it relates to being a child of our Heavenly Father. How dependent we are, how we need protection and someone to take our hand and help us walk through this troubled world, and how we can have such meaningful and wonderful conversations with the one we trust and adore most. Man; created in God's image - the apple of His eye. How amazingly wonderful it is to be accepted as a child of the Great Creator and King of the universe! Loved beyond measure; held closely to His heart. Hand in hand we walk and talk... If you've never let God be your Father, I suggest that you let Him take your hand! You'll never want to let go.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sprinklers are fun! Well, most of the time...

Joe made Magnus his very own little sprinkler to help him beat the heat this summer. He loves it! It did squirt his eyes pretty good a couple times though, and I was glad to have caught that reaction on camera!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Vacation

At IRCHA - helicopters EVERYWHERE!

Steve & Sheryl Clemens - aka PaPa & Nana by the grandkids.

Magnus - 1 1/2 & Reagan - 2 1/2

We just got back from our little vacation yesterday morning at 8:30am. (After driving all night!) We made the 11 hr. drive - to and from Muncie, IN - during the wee hours for Magnus' sake. We did end up taking quite a few naps on our vacation because of it though! (Maybe sleeping isn't your idea of a vacation, but I happen to be rather fond of it myself, so it didn't rain on my parade at all.) Our reason for choosing Muncie for our vacation was two-fold. One reason was that IRCHA was being held at the AMA headquarters there. IRCHA is the biggest annual R/C helicopter event in the country (world?). There were around 800 pilots (Joe included) that registered for it, and many more spectators. We enjoyed watching the world's best R/C heli pilots do their thing - it was quite impressive! Joe spent much more time at the event than Magnus and I though, since Magnus would have to get his daily nap-time in, and then just wanted to play with all the toys at Steve and Sheryl's. Which brings me to our second reason for choosing Muncie. The Clemens' have always been good friends of ours (they've known Joe forever) and we've been wanting to visit them for a while. They also have 3 children around my age (the 2 boys live nearby - see blogs "Shawn & Melanie" and "Scott and Kristina") who each have 3 children of their own - all aged 4 and under. So, Magnus got to play with 6 of the grandchildren after church on Sunday, and we got to visit with some of our favorite people. They treated us like family, and we had such a great time visiting. We kept Scott and Kristina's little boy Reagan (2 1/2 years old, but just Magnus' size!) one day/night, so that was extra fun for Magnus. They had so much fun - Magnus followed Reagan everywhere, and Reagan followed me everywhere. Then Saturday we ate supper with Shawn and Melanie (and kids) and they joined us later on for the helicopter night-flying at IRCHA, where they put neon lights all over the heli's and fly them after dark - very cool! Plus the kids were all given glow-sticks which made it fun for them. Shawn and Melanie have 2 Mastiffs, and though I didn't get a picture of their big male named Xander, you can imagine what he looks like if you close your eyes and picture a dark brindle colored dog that weighs over 180 lbs and has a head the size of a pumpkin, paws the size of my fists... and a neck girth of over 30"! He was so sweet, and I fell pretty much head over heels. We told them to put us on their waiting list when it comes time to have puppies! (Probably next year sometime.) Anyway, we had such a wonderful time with everybody that when it came time to leave, we couldn't believe that we'd been there 5 days already! All we could say was, "Man, I wish we lived closer!" We will miss them - until next time!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Silly Boy!

Magnus was "smelling" my silk flowers, then made this face. This guy is a hoot!

Monday, August 4, 2008

7 Happy Years

Joe and I celebrated our 7th wedding Anniversary yesterday! Now, I'm sure you're expecting me to write a bunch of mushy-gushy sentiments at this point... and since I have such a servants heart, I wouldn't want to disappoint you! =) We have had the best years of our lives these past 7 years, and it gets sweeter and better every day. We can't even look back on the years and remember one real fight between us. Our household is one of no bickering, no bad attitudes (unless you count Magnus on a teething day!) and no harsh words. We are so very happy, and no, you can't move in with us. As a bonus, last night as Joe and I were walking hand-in-hand to the barn (after Magnus was in bed) to let the horses out to pasture, we talked of our happy life and gazed at the stars. All the sudden Joe said, "Look at that!!" As we watched, this amazing shooting star went across the sky like a brilliant firework. It was unlike any we'd ever seen, and we stared after it long after it had gone. It was a definite blazing white ball, with a perfect tail that was first blue, then red at the last half. It appeared to leave it's colorful tail behind it at one point which looked as if it sparked out, then it disappeared also. We were completely awestruck, and will never forget it. I thanked God for such a lovely "heavenly" anniversary gift!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Richmond Mommies Playdate

Look at all the kids! Watch out for that boy on the far left - he has a water gun & no scruples!

Drinking deeply...ahhhh! This sprinkler was Mag's favorite.

Waving at mommy across the lawn. Look out for the crazy blonde driver in your rear-view, Magnus - she's not looking where she's going!!

Magnus attended his first play-date yesterday afternoon. To say he had a "blast" would probably be an understatement! I'm part of an online forum group of ladies called "Richmond Mommies", and they hold play-dates quite often. We live farther out than 99.9% of the other mom's though, so this was our first time getting together with them. It was held at one of the "R.M." moms' house, and she had every backyard toy, playhouse and kiddie sprinkler imaginable! Magnus loved the water toys, and even let them spray his face. (So why do I have so much trouble just getting his hair washed in the tub??) A couple of the bigger boys were a menace though, so I had to watch Magnus carefully. They had squirt guns, of all things, and even squirted some moms and small babies in spite of their mothers' harmless "threats", counts to 3, and 30 second "time-outs". (Note to self: these disciplinary measures produce no effectual results.) We were served some anti-salubrious hotdogs afterwards, along with snacks, cupcakes, chips and cookies! Magnus and I will have to go on a vinegar & water diet after all that junk to purge our poor systems!