Monday, March 30, 2009

Curing those rainy day blues...

Joe was gone most of the week, and I'm convinced he stole the sunshine away with him to Aruba, because it didn't bother to come out the whole time he was gone! Magnus and I were getting quite tired of all the rain and gloomy weather until he found out that it can be quite fun! He went out in the rain and splashed and played under the gutter spout until he was quite a mess! (I poked my head out the garage door to take pictures. Maybe if I had super-cool froggy rain boots I might venture out too, but until then...) The last two pictures have a story behind them, and I wonder, am I a bad mommy for calling this the highlight of my day? Maybe you should be the judge. Well, Magnus got tired of splashing in mud and decided to experiment with the garden hose. (You already know where this is going, don't you?) How he managed to squirt himself (on the first try!) full force in the face is still a mystery, but he did, and Oh! the shock and *chilly* horror on his face! I think he got lucky though, as it seems to have mostly glanced off the side of his head, peeling his hat up on the side! Well, imagine me, the innocent by-standing mommy... snapping pictures of my little boy playing in the mud, and then to see this great adventure unfold! I totally lost it... totally! I was reeling in such hilarious cackles and roars of laughter, that Magnus (who was crying at his misfortune) eventually turned around to see what all the raucous was about, saw his loony mother in stitches, and decided to join me in laughter! First he gave me this silly little smile (see photo!) then he giggled, then he let out a big laugh and forgot why he was crying. Maybe I'm not such a bad mommy after all. =)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The verdict is in! It's a...

Look at that cute little hoof!

Giving Mommy a thumbs-up. =)

Our little BOY!!!!!

My whole pregnant look at 20 weeks - I could've just used a pregnancy pic from when I was carrying Magnus since I'm the exact same size... but I thought that would be cheating.

We're so excited to be having another little boy! He was uncooperative during his ultrasound photo shoot for us to get a really nice, clear shot of his profile, but at least we were definitely able to tell that he was a boy! This is good news for us, but bad news for the economy since we won't be needing to go out and buy any new clothes or toys. =) If the last half of this pregnancy goes as quickly for me as the first half has, we're going to be holding that little fella in no time!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Magnus & Sydney

I have this picture on my desktop, and though it was taken a couple months ago, I just love it for some reason and thought I'd share it! =) Magnus loved Sydney, the Yellow Lab pictured, who was Melvin & Tamela's dog before he got killed in the road. Magnus still remembers him though (we would keep Sydney whenever his owners were away) and thinks any Yellow Lab-type dog is "Nidney". He even told "Nidney" night-night today at naptime... along with the stars, moon, Jack, Meow-Meow, horses, macaroni-cheese and everything else he could think of! What a precious little boy - who says the "2's" are terrible? I think it just gets funner and funner!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Perfect Kind of Man...

The perfect kind of man is not only Godly, just and kind... but the "kind" that loves chocolate - and knows how to make their own! =) Here Joe is showing Magnus this important quality of perfect manhood! I have the perfect men, and thank God for them every day! =) Mmm... when are those brownies going to be done, fellas?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

First "big" snow in 7 years!

Our snowman! =)

He'd be the quickest draw in the East - if only he had some arms!

Magnus giving a big howdy to Mr. Wyatt-Frosty Earp

Mr. Cool... very cool.

We made snow-cream! It was our best yet. We added some secret ingredients. =)

Magnus got to take a 4-wheeler ride with his 3rd cousins, the Paulus twins (9).

Our house looked more beautiful than ever with it's lovely white shawl to keep it warm.