Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Fun 2008

Erika loves helping in the kitchen! Here she is rolling out the dinner rolls.

The successful hunters! Joe got an 8 point, Dad a 6 point and Eric 2 does.

Joe's 8 point. Lovely deer with broken antlers. He must've been a rowdy one!

Unwrapping presents! Ahh, what joy!

Eric & Joe went riding. Check out how Eric & E-Z both have their mouths turned the same way!
Silly clowns! I know they did that on purpose.
We had a wonderful Christmas with my family! My parents, my brother Eric and my 5 y.o. niece Erika came up for a few days of Christmas-ing, feasting, hunting and visiting. Erika and Magnus played together nearly non-stop. They spent hours drawing together with their markers at the bar while Mom and I cooked, and they enjoyed playing with their new toys. Magnus has missed them since they've gone, and asks about them every day by name. He'll go, "Nana? Pa Pa? Eweeka? Eweek?" He won't be lonely for long though, as Joe's family is coming in tonight to spend the rest of the week with us. I see more feasting ahead, and probably more deer slaying. Guess I better get my knife sharpened up again. Joe and I just finished packaging/canning/marinating the last of the deer meat from his 8 point today, but I have a feeling that with Joe's brother-in-law Paul (a professional in hunting) and his Dad in town, we'll be pulling out the meat grinder and pressure canner again very soon... =) Run, Bambi, Run!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cruising with Tyler

My cousin Lori from Nebraska was in NC for a few days, so we went down yesterday morning to spend a little bit of time with them before they headed back to no-man's land. We got to stay with my parents (of course) and Magnus really enjoyed having some PaPa and Nanna time. He loved seeing Lori's kids also, and thought having another little boy just his size (and only 3 1/2 months older) to play with was just pretty cool.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Birthday Table

I told you I would post pictures of my birthday gift from Joe (that he made for me!!) as soon as it was finished, so here it is! It's not COMPLETELY finished until I get a wicked-cool western drawer pull for it, but I just couldn't wait any longer to share it with you. I am so in love with this table... we made it out of wood from our very own old barn. The legs are complete with nifty little worm-holes & "tunnels". Am I spoiled or what? Just wait until you see the dining room table he's going to make for me! (Right, sweetheart??)