Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chillin in the Shrubs - 22 months

Showing me his cheeks.

Pointing out his nose... You can see Olly lying in the background.

Saying "cheese"!

Magnus loves to hang out in the bushes with his "meow-meow" Olly. He'll contentedly sit back there "hiding with meow-meow" as he says, and play in the mulch and dirt. They are quite the pair, and Oliver is very tolerant with Magnus' endless tugs on his tail. Not that he never swats Magnus for his rough treatment, but if he ever does, Magnus always proudly points out his battle scars and says, "Meow-Meow Owwie!"

Monday, January 12, 2009

Maymont Park, Revisited

Mr. Owl

Aunt Jessica and Magnus

Watching the River Otters play.

Clayton, Courtney and Magnus (cousins) beside the fish/turtle tank.
While part of Joe's family was here during New Year's week, the ladies and kids had a fun little outing to my favorite Richmond park, "Maymont". The men-folk were too busy seeking action during the last week of hunting season, and missed all the fun. It was a very cold day with some freezing rain, but it let up in time for us to see the bears and other outdoor critters at the petting zoo. Magnus thought it was a wonderful experience and didn't complain at all about the frigid temperatures. I simply must be a good mommy and take him back again soon on a sunny day. =) But for now, all he really wants is to just go to bed, so I am off to oblige him!