Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally!! Some real food!

Henrik just turned 6 months old (can you believe that?!) and got his first taste of rice cereal. He'd been tortured at every meal, watching us eat and trying very hard to get a bite of it... now it's his turn. He eagerly accepted that spoon and after licking his lips a little bit he decided that was enough tasting - time for some SERIOUS slurping! I was carefully spooning it in (ya know, so he could get used to this new phenomenon) and he started to fuss, but I couldn't figure out why until Joe wisely informed me, "You're not feeding him fast enough." So I sped up and he brightened up! Since then he's enjoyed sweet potatoes, squash and applesauce. He's still getting used to the slightly sour applesauce, but the kid is a natural born eater, and is determined! Look out, grocery bill!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

She's back! And there's someone else too...

Great news! Clue beat Parvovirus and is all better. We picked her up from the breeder (whom we won't mention here) about a week ago and she is like a new dog! We realize now that the sweet little lap dog that we brought home the first time was actually a sick little puppy. The "new" Clue is a feisty little bundle of love and energy that is very much full of life! We are having tons of fun with her! And if you don't recognize the other dog in the picture, let me introduce you to Rocky (known in a former life as Sorvino). We have had him since before Christmas and the shy, insecure dog that he was when we brought him home has also had a transformation. Rocky is a sweet, lovable, goofy brindle Mastiff. He's 10 months old and loves his new life on the farm. He certainly will never be a replacement for dear Jack - It was hard for me at first to even have him around - but, I now can at least love him for who he is, and we enjoy having dogs again.