Sunday, October 25, 2009

My men ROCK the grocery store!

Zooming around the isles!

Lets get some of that, Mom!

Stopping to smell the... orchids!

Believe it or not, my men are fabulous grocery shoppers! Joe does most of the shopping on his way home from work, which saves me much time and grief! Now I have another little grocery shopper too! Joe and Magnus have discovered the tiny grocery carts at Kroger, and Magnus is hooked! He doesn't care how much stuff you pile on, as long as he gets to drive it "all by myself". It really is amazing how much stuff you can pile in one of those little carts, but the bagger-boys can never seem to quite fit it all back in... Magnus also loves to stop and look at all the pretty flowers, but those beautiful and fragile orchids are always in grave danger when he stops to inspect them more closely! I always try to usher him over to the sturdier looking sunflowers. ("Here honey, sniff these!") Who knew grocery shopping was so much fun?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

This one's for James...

Thought you would like a recent picture of the boys! We just love these little guys, and they are growing like weeds. (For all my blogger friends, this is who we bought our colts from!) Joe got your phone message the other day, but since his cell was turned off (he was at work - up in the clouds!) it didn't show your number and we can't seem to find it in any of our papers. He would love to chat with you though, and give you a proper update on the foals, so give him a ring again sometime soon!

We Love a LittleYeeHaw!

I declare, that man looks good on a horse! =)

One of my all-time favorite horsie pics! You can just feel the energy & beauty!

Having fun, but my hat always tries to blow off!

Heading off to try out E-Z's new "boots".

Still trying to keep my hat on! =)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, what do you know...

...We finally all made it into the same picture! We were having a fun little family date to Bass Pro Shops last night so I took my camera. The thoughtful lady that worked there offered to take our picture, so we gave her the "privilege". ;) Then we went to McDonald's and on into Wal-mart, where Joe realized he'd lost his wallet. We searched the Excursion for it with no luck, then drove back to McDonald's, where it was sitting on the table right where he'd left it, as if it were waiting for him... 45 minutes later!! Talk about an answered prayer from a caring Heavenly Father. God is awesome! Meanwhile, Magnus was in the back seat saying, "Daddy hosst his wawwet?"

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Monday smile for you!

Or is it a grimace? I needed a laugh today, and keep looking at this picture of the colts to keep some good humor in my cloudy Monday full of grumpy toddler and crying baby. Joe has been gone so much lately that it seems to be affecting us all. I am exhausted from getting up every hour at night with Henrik (what is his deal lately?) and miss Joe terribly. Maybe you're having a rough day (week?) too, so I'm sharing my silly horses with you, and we can cheer up together. =) God's blessings on you today!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cowboy Cutie

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meet Alf, my new friend. He's a Sony a700... and I love him.

The lawn-mowers.

Somehow Jack got adorned with flowers and pretended not to notice.

Magnus likes to play in my flowers that hang through the rails on the porch.

The cutest smile!

With fill-in flash...

Without fill-in flash.

My impatiens behind the house.

Olly - waiting for his next victim.
I love my new camera! My other one took great pictures, but simply can't compare. Here are some shots of my first couple days shooting with "Alf". My former Sony was a bit outdated at 8 years old, and I love the newer technology of the alpha700. Enjoy the pictures from my latest and greatest toy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My favorite day of the year...

~~~~STATE FAIR 2009~~~~

Stopping to pet a Corgi at the blacksmith competition.

Daddy's little fella.

Poking around in the pigeon cage. (He didn't read the sign.)


Mommy's little man.

Addison and Magnus loving the corn play area!

Petting a cow cutie.

Tamela and Melvin hung out with us. =)

I saw the Dr. that delivered Henrik! I'd always regretted not getting Henrik's picture taken with him, and now I have one.

Henrik in his horsie outfit. Not to be outdone!