Saturday, February 27, 2010

Magnus is "Free"!

Daddy and Magnus helping me with the cake design.

The icing!

The finished product.

Just don't eat the propeller!

Wishing a very special boy a year full of wonderful things and delightful memories!

Magnus turned three yesterday and had a fun little party with some little friends. When asked his age, he now proudly announces, "I'm free!" And I guess if you think about it, turning three would probably be rather liberating, huh? =)

A Special Monkey

A special monkey is one that likes the same toys as you.

A special monkey is always up for a good nap-time cuddle.

A special monkey doesn't mind if you chew on its leg now and then.

A special monkey always laughs at your jokes!

To all the special monkeys out there - keep up the good work!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, Snow, Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day!

We've had more snow this year than I even thought possible for VA. We've lived here over 8 years and have never had such a cold, snowy winter. We've been spoiled into thinking that "mild" was normal for around here! We certainly have had a rude awakening. We're cold. The snow has been here for weeks and more keeps piling on. The barn area is a complete mushy-disaster. Our electric bill is insane. We're totally stir crazy. The driveway is destroyed. We've forgotten what color our Excursion used to be... Look out, Florida! We've got our eyes on you, baby! Too much more of this "winter" and we'll be tempted into action and moving your way! Well, maybe...