Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Dear Henrik!!

A cupcake boot - lemme at it!!

It took a WHOLE YEAR, but they finally let me have cake with icing!

I don't know... do you think he enjoyed it very much???

Getting to those hard-to-reach pieces.

He would squish the cake in both hands, then try to flip it out before getting another bite.

I can't believe it. I mean, it all happened so fast! One minute, "Here Magnus, meet your new baby brother!" and the next, "Guess what Magnus? Henrik is having his very first birthday!!" Time sure flies with a fun little chap like Henrik. He is the life of the party around here, always joking, always content. The day after he turned one, he really started pulling up on everything, and even scooted faster than ever before. Guess he thought he'd better hurry up now that he's a big boy! And speaking of that... he weighs 29lbs and is 31.5" tall. We moved him into Magnus' bedroom about a month ago and they have become better friends than ever, being silly together making sound effects during nap-time and "talking". We did hit our first snag the other day when we heard them in there laughing... but it went more like this. Cough, gag, laugh. Repeat. Upon further investigation we discovered that they were having a gagging contest. Magnus had 4 fingers in his throat, and Henrik's thumb was doing the trick for him, even to the point of making him spit up on his clothes. It took some sternness NOT to laugh, and to make them quit! I have a feeling this is only the beginning of some very interesting adventures in boyhood. But hey, I WAS the one that prayed to have little boys! And boy, am I ever glad I did! =)