Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pretty Ears and Frosted Manes

Our colts are growing! They both just turned 2 and are the sweetest things a cowgirl could want. (Aside from a sweet cowboy like mine, that is!) Cowboy has the cutest ears on the planet, to match his darling little face, and Dusty is just downright cool. He has the neatest frosted mane that prompts people to ask me, "Did you do that to his hair?". My barn gals call him "Rock-star Dusty". We had Cowboy gelded a while back, but Dusty was crypt-orchid so we are hoping he is ready to be gelded this fall when the weather is cooler and flies are less numerous. We put him through weekly hormone treatment shots for a couple months in hopes to make him drop - of course, he is still a stallion in "capability" though, so we may be looking at a new baby on the farm next spring! I'll certainly keep you posted on that possibility. Both the colts are such fun. Joe and I have had the bit/bridle on them a couple times and they did better than our trained mare does! Cowboy LOVES the taste of the copper bit and doesn't want to give Dusty a turn. Little does he know that that yummy piece of metal is going to tell him what to do later on... Dusty is the lowest in the pecking order and has always been a little on the shy side, but is coming along great and now wants attention as much as the rest of them and will wiggle his way in next to you when you're grooming the others. We love having colts to play with - especially these sweet boys!